Ryans Testing Server


Project Powdercoating

This site was made for Project Powdercoating (Previously Project Wheels) Its focus was to give the customer very quick and easy to find information.

I Created a php admin system where the customer for the site can login and change all of the site photos and upload new ones easily to show there work. They also have the option to change there opening hours and contact details.

Another feature i put on this website is a review system where when a review is recieved by the customer the site owner gets emailed to check the review(Check that its not spam or something abusive) then either delete or accept, When accepted it is then publicly shown.

Robs Windows

This site was made for a window cleaner trying to advertise his business online, Stylish 1 page scroller which gets the company information across very fast.

Wa BodyCraft

Site made for a local paint shop, Offering very fast an easy to access information.

Wheel App

One of the first apps i ever made

Wheels app made with angular

Same as the wheels app made above, But made with angular 6

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